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The History of Minecraftia
The History of Minecraftia
This is my version of Minecraft's history and a prequel to an up coming story Return of the End King.
During the beginning, the everything was void and empty. Then gods appeared and used the powers of Creation, or Craft as they called it and created the World of Minecraftia. They created the Earth, Sun, and Moon.
The Earth contained plants that beautified the earth from above and ores from below. They created animals to feast on the plants as well as to be feasted upon by the gods. They also created servants called Testificates. These creatures were humorous to look at with their big noses and large foreheads hinting the gods had a sense of humor. But they were good servants and were given some of the secrets of Craft by the gods.
The Sun provided light and heat to the Earth during the Day. It sustained the plants with its radiant beams giving them energy for the animals and Testificates to eat. These same radiant beams reflect off the Moon sheddin
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Metallic Hearts: Bass's Journey- Prologue
Backstory and Awakening
Do robots have hearts? This question has been wondering around within the digital processor of Bass, a reformed robot that used to work for a mad scientist called Dr. Albert Wily. Dr. Wily use to be  a partner of the mysterious Dr. Thomas Light, whom Bass is now aligned with, but jealous and an experiment gone wrong turn him into a crazy world dominating mad man. The crazy scientist caused Dr. Light to turn Rock, his robotic assistant, into MegaMan, a super fighting robot. Bass entered into the fray during the seventh Wily Wars as a rival to MegaMan and a double-agent of Wily. He stole the blueprints for the Adapter form from Dr. Light and used against MegaMan. He lost badly due to inexperience. During the eighth Wily Wars, Dr. Wily invented a robot called Jazz to stabilize and control an alien energy called Dark Plasma ( I know its called Evil Energy in the game but that's a lame name). Jazz was suppose to use it against MegaMan, but Bass intervened an
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I not going to say much except that I like reading GOOD fan fiction and I'm trying to write one myself


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